My DP/Operator Résumé strips away all but my camera credits. For a more comprehensive resume, summarizing also my editing work and newsroom staff positions, click here.

My DP/Operator Reel is below.


I have been running cameras for Carson Daly's late-night show on NBC for over six years, which adds up to several hundred episodes of network TV experience.

Here’s a link to a segment I shot from this season, a profile of comedian JC Currais.


Last year, I visited CSUSA charter schools in the Southeast to find inspiring stories for the CSUSA symposium. I shot six videos. Here are a few of those.


I have shot many promos for Marucci Sports, the leading bat manufacturer in Major League Baseball. Here are some recent videos, featuring Andrew McCutchen, Buster Posey, David Ortiz, and Jose Bautista.


I was the Field Producer for a Oxygen Network pilot called Swipe for Love. In that role, I shot and edited nine short intro packages for contestants in a dating game show. Here’s one of them.

Dylan Swipe from Patrick Burke on Vimeo.


Here’s a sample from a music project. It’s one of four songs I shot of Odessa’s live EP studio recording sessions.

Odessa - I Will Be There (Studio Sessions) from Patrick Burke on Vimeo.


And finally: I don’t shoot a lot of scripted content, but I made an exception for my pal David LaMattina (DGA), who was the writer, director, and editor of this fun short, called Cute Cat Video.

Cute Cat Video from David LaMattina on Vimeo.



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