I have been editing video for most of my life - on giant linear machines in my youth, using Avid in film school, and cutting with FCP, Premiere, and Quantel throughout my professional career. Lately, I have been cutting a blacksmithing web series at Defy Media. Here is my Editor Résumé.

For a more comprehensive resume, summarizing also my camerawork and newsroom staff positions, click here.

Below is my editing reel.



Lately, I’ve been cutting a blacksmithing series called Man at Arms: Reforged at Defy Media. The first episode I edited showed the guys making a sword and armor set based on the anime character Erza Scarlet. One day after release, it had 519,000 hits on youtube, and 29,000 likes.


In the summer of 2015, I was the Field Producer for a Oxygen Netowrk pilot called Swipe for Love. In that role, I shot and edited nine short intro packages for contestants in a dating game show. Here’s one of them.

Dylan Swipe from Patrick Burke on Vimeo.


I have edited many promos for Marucci Sports, the leading bat manufacturer in Major League Baseball. I have cut player profiles featuring Chase Utley, Jose Bautista, Albert Pujols, Adam Dunn, and others. Recent highlights include the pieces I edited with Red Sox slugger David Ortiz, Diamondbacks second baseman Aaron Hill, and 2013 MVP Andrew McCutchen.


Aaron Hill for Marucci from Patrick Burke on Vimeo.


CUTCH3-Master2 from Patrick Burke on Vimeo.


Here’s a sample from a recent music project. It’s one of four songs I cut videos for, from Odessa’s live EP studio recording sessions.

Odessa - I Will Be There (Studio Sessions) from Patrick Burke on Vimeo.


I was an editor on the Nuvo TV music series called The Collective Powered by Vevo. Here are a couple of segments I cut.

Belle Brigade, starts at 0:21.


Chanel West Coast, starts at 0:47.


This is a promotional documentary piece I cut for the Outside Eyes agency. It’s about making the Lucky Buddha Beer costume.

Lucky Buddha Beer and Monster FX from Patrick Burke on Vimeo.


Here’s a montage from the bottle’s appearance at the LA Pride Parade.


Back to Marucci. These two focus on the company’s team development system and some tournament highlights.

Marucci Founders from Patrick Burke on Vimeo.


This one is a montage of Marucci’s 2014 All-Star party.


I have edited two feature-length educational documentaries for the C. G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles, about sandplay therapy for trauma & the institute’s senior analysts, as well as two more feature-length lectures videos.

I have edited three annual installments of a 50-hour video training course for pharmacists-in-training, through RxPrep, Inc.

Here is a Kickstarter video I edited for EQtainment.


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