Benazir Bhutto interview

Benazir Bhutto was the Prime Minister of Pakistan in the late '80s and the mid '90s. She and I sat down in 2004, shortly after revelations that a Pakistani scientist leaked nuclear secrets to North Korea, Iran, and Lybia. We spoke about that issue, as well as Iraq, Kashmir, and her own political intentions. Bhutto was assassinated upon her return from exile in 2007.

Ridley-Thomas v. Parks Debate

In late September 2008, I produced and co-moderated a debate between the two finalists for the open seat on the L.A. County Board of Supervisors. The board oversees the biggest county in the United States and a budget of over $20 billion. The race was between a former LAPD Chief Bernard Parks and then-State Senator Mark Ridley-Thomas. Ridley-Thomas won the election.

Election Night 2008

One of my last acts as News Director at KPFK was to anchor the station’s election night coverage, right after Barack Obama declared victory. I had live call-ins from reporters at Democratic, Republican, and Prop 8 events, and I moderated a live election panel as midnight approached. This sampler is from the first section. It features reporters Dan Fritz, Leilani Albano, Albert Pfaffman, and Justin Stinchcombe.

KPFK Evening News Election Panel, #17, October 20, 2008

The in-studio guests for this installment were Rick Jacobs of the Courage Campaign, Donna Warren of the South Central Green Party, and Republican National Committeeman Shawn Steele. Topics included Colin Powell, the Electoral College, and self-mockery.

Taco Trucks

The L.A. County Board of Supervisors adopted penalties against mobile food vendors in 2008. I filed this report just before the new regulation went into effect. The law was later ruled unconstitutional.

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